Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Indonesia Talkshow

Day: Friday
Time: 2:00pm - 6:00pm

HOT Indonesia organizes a two-hour talkshow event in @america, Pacific Place Mall, hosted by Kevin Hendrawan, an Indonesian TV Presenter and Youth4Arctic Ambassador and Helena Rea* from BBC Media Action, with a list of speakers whose work relates closely to making use of open spatial data for humanitarian response and economic development, including Derval Usher* (UN Pulse Lab), Faizal Thamrin (UN-OCHA), Adi Kurniawan (DMInnovation), Yantisa Akhadi (HOT Indonesia) and Tirza Reinata (Tusk Advisory‚Äďadvising for One Map Policy by Indonesia‚Äôs Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs).

*Final confirmation awaits **We will potentially hosts speakers from IOM and Pacific Disaster Centre, in addition to the current list.

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Interested in participating? Email to learn more. Visit this site's Github repository