Universidad de Antioquia Mapathon

Day: Wednesday
Time: 8:00am-10:00am

  Public conference summarizing the results of COASTMAP-URABÁ (Colombia) HOTOSM Microgrant 2017. This project was conducted as a partnership among faculty from engineering and natural sciences, supported by student volunteers from Universidad de Antioquia, and a collaboration with local fishing communities and institutions in Turbo (Antioquia). It was responsible for building the first humanitarian OpenStreetMap for a coastal area in Colombia in preparedness for river flash-flooding events and sea-level rise. This map covers nearly 190 km of coastline and a fringe of ca. 4 km. Nearly 24K buildings and 367 km of roads were put in the map during a series of mapathons. Detailed information about building features, as well as impact and resilience to a major flooding occurred in 2010-2011 during La Niña conditions were obtained during a field survey of a target fishing community (El Uno Bay). Descriptions were included in OSM and thematic maps were built in open GIS and shared with stakeholders, including teachers and high school students.


Interested in participating? Email osmgeoweek@gmail.com to learn more. Visit this site's Github repository