Synergies francophones

CartONG supports this year french speaking OSM communities for OSMGeoWeek, including in Mali, Madagascar, Niger, Burkina Faso, and Senegal.

Through “Synergies francophones 2017” and with the support of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region (France), CartONG supports this year french speaking OSM communities for OSMGeoWeek.


Mapping to support tourism industry.

Antisiranana, city in the North of Madagascar, attracts a large number of tourists each year thanks to its landscape and rich history. Remote mapping by the OSM community will enable this cultural and natural heritage site to become more visible to tourists, while supporting local economic development.

project id: #3720 on HOT TM


Mapping to prevent floods.

Each year, Niamey, Niger capital suffers from rising waters of Niger river. In September 2017, 10 people died from floods, and 40,000 people were displaced. Mapping of the area will help local authorities and inhabitants to better prevent flooding risks.

project id: #195 on Gestionnaire de Taches TM


Mapping Bamako, the capital of Mali. The map of the city is not yet over. This will help inhabitants, and local actors (such as local authorities, local and international NGOs, civil society) to better navigate in the city and develop local and sustainable projects.

project id: #1075 on HOT TM


Mapping to support pilgrims.

Touba, is gathering each year around 3 millions of pilgrims during Grand Magal pilgrimage, the 2nd biggest muslim gathering behind La Mecque. Your support will help pilgrims, to reach key places and navigate in the city during this pilgrimage, and in the longer term, support sustainable development of the city.

project id: #102 on Gestionnaire de Taches TM

Burkina Faso

Mapping to prevent malaria.

Malaria affects 9 million people, and kills 4,000 people each year in Burkina Faso. Mapping Bobo Dioulasso will help health services to better prevent and understand the most at-risk malaria areas.

project id: #3831 on HOT TM


Map to prevent deforestation in Zerplin catchment area, near Saint Marc (Haiti)

Due to massive deforestation, each rains, hurricane, brings a massive amount of arable soil to be taken away towards the sea or downstream. Agricole area are reduced and property weakened (as most of land is private). This map will help inhabitants and representative to take the best decisions, by supporting public participative approach (november the 16th and 17th).

project id: #3836 on HOT TM

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