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Stay Involved After OSM Geography Awareness Week!

OpenStreetMap is a global project and network that has been collaborating for nearly 20 years! Whether you’re an educator, high school student, college student, or a professional, there are several networks and groups that you can stay involved with throughout the year.


TeachOSM provides educator training, content and curriculum for integrating OSM in the classroom, and advocates for OSM in educational settings. Started in 2013 as a grassroots project by educators for educators, TeachOSM is now a program under OpenStreetMap US. TeachOSM provides educators and students of all levels:

Are you an educator looking to support this work and/or learn from fellow educators? Join our monthly Education Working Group.


TeenMaptivists is a network of high school goal is to provide an opportunity for high school students to become introduced to OpenStreetMap community and learn how OSM is being used in the Real World to help people all around the world. Students can open a free OSM account and join in monthly MapAlongs, Mapathons, and hear from people who use OSM to solve real-world problems. High school students can learn how creating maps helps solve many problems people face all over the world.


YouthMappers is an international network of 375+ university-student-led campus chapters in more than 70 countries. The network uses public geospatial technologies to identify and directly address development challenges worldwide. Interested in learning more or starting your own chapter?

OpenStreetMap US

OpenStreetMap US is a nonprofit membership organization advancing geospatial data democracy by catalyzing collaborative action between individuals, government agencies, nonprofits, corporations, and academia. OpenStreetMap US works to ensure that OpenStreetMap, the largest crowdsourced map of the world, is leveraged equitably through targeted education and outreach to incorporate individuals and communities under-represented in policymaking and technology circles into the open geospatial data movement. Through our grassroots initiatives and community-based programs, we create pathways for all individuals to access and improve OpenStreetMap as it increasingly becomes the source that decision-makers and corporations use to impact our lives.

Educators, high school students, college students, and professionals alike are welcome to become members, attend our events, and get involved:

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