Getting Started with the OpenStreetMap Geography Awareness Week!

Are you new to OpenStreetMap?

If you are new to OpenStreetMap, you’ll want to sign up for an account and watch the tutorials on getting started with editing and the tasking manager. Point your browser to MapGive and learn the basics of mapping, then come back here to learn more about the tasks for OSMGeoWeek.

OSMGeoWeek Mapping Guides

How to make the most of the iD editor.

Learn more advanced editing with the JOSM editor.

What We’re Mapping

Check out the Projects to see what we’re working on.

For the remote projects, check out the instructions in the tasking manager for each project. For newcomers, the Crowd2Map projects in Tanzania are a good place to start.

Some important ground rules and tips:

  1. Have fun! We’re here to develop a shared understanding of the geography, community mapping, and open data. Make friends!
  2. Ask for help, discuss how to map with your colleagues – how should you represent what’s on the ground? Point? Line? Area? Strive for consensus and consult available resources.
  3. Never, ever copy from Google (or any other proprietary data source). You may use Google (or Yahoo or Bing) to find a source web page, but Google’s terms & conditions expressly forbid copying. Get your information from a primary source – fieldwork or the target web site. We list some sources for you below.
  4. See Rule #3.
  5. DO NOT USE INTERNET EXPLORER. It will not work. However, Chrome and Firefox work fine.

Interested in participating? Email to learn more. Visit this site's Github repository