A global coalition of partners are hosting mapping events at colleges, community centers and other institutions to map places around the globe.

On the local level, grassroots organizers around the world are holding
events at local schools and community centers or virtually during #osmgeoweek. If you are organizing an event, or even just thinking about it, get in touch at osmgeoweek@gmail.com. We are excited to host a number of career panels and skill sharing activities this year. If you are interested in sharing at either, please reach out and we’ll connect you to an organizer. If you are a young person just starting your career and you are interested in sharing your story please reach out. We’ll be hosting career panels in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese and are looking for panelists.

Follow #osmgeoweek on twitter for updates during the week, and share your experiences using the #osmgeoweek hashtag. When editing in OpenStreetMap add the #osmgeoweek2021 hashtag to your changesets to be included in the metrics. For more details about the program and history of Geography Awareness Week, visit the National Geographic Education page.


Find an event near you. Or, let us know if you are planning an event, submit the details or get in touch! Events can be anything that promotes the good use of OpenStreetMap. Consider planning a mapathon, a webinar to show off your latest project, a career panel to talk about how your organization uses OSM, or a skills sharing session to teach others what you know.


We have guides that can help you to get started mapping and plan your own event! We have a new Maps.me guide this year that makes it easy to map your local community.

Maps.Me to Add Places in Your Local Community

Using Maps.Me to navigate and add places to Openstreetmap in your community

Social Media Toolkit

This guide is for OSM leaders, mapping event organizers (and potential event organizers!), mappers who are interested in spreading the word, and anyone you know with a social media platform that could reach a potentially interested audience!

Getting Started with the OpenStreetMap Geography Awareness Week!

Are you new to OpenStreetMap?


Interested in participating? Email osmgeoweek@gmail.com to learn more. Visit this site's Github repository